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A list of gag credits featured in Tiny Toon Adventures.

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    Season 1 Part 1 
The Looney Beginning
  • Created By - Buster and Babsnote 
A Quack in the Quarks
  • Secret of Quality Animation - Lotsa Shadows
The Wheel O' Comedy
  • Elmyra Fan Club President - Chuck Harvey
Test Stressed
  • Enough Television - Go Read a Book
The Buster Bunny Bunch
  • Guy With Giant Hands - Art Leonardi
Her Wacky Highness
  • The moral of the Story - Elmer Fudd is a doltnote 
Journey to the Center of ACME AcresStuff That Goes Bump in the Night
  • Produced in the San Fernando Valley - Fer Sure
It's Buster Bunny Time
  • Anvils compliments of - ACME Industries
Looking Out For the Little Guy
  • Basset Hound Model - Lucy Rueggernote 
Starting From Scratch
  • Cartoon Cliches of - Alan Burnett
Hare-Raising Night
  • Dr. Splicer's stand-in - Doug McCarthy
Furrball Follies
  • Future Game Show Host - Steve Donmeyer
The ACME Acres Zone
  • Moral of Story - Pork is Fattening
Life in the 90's
  • Mystery Credit
Rock N' Roar
  • Today's Lesson, Kids - Eat your vegetables!
Prom-ise Her Anything
  • If you're just tuning in - You're late
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Moral of Story - We Need More Animatorsnote 
  • Ken Boyer's shoes by - Otis
You Asked For It
  • Guy who says "Narf" - Eddie Fitzgerald
Gang Busters
  • Free T.V. - You get what you pay for
Citizen Max
  • Model for Babs' Feet - Kathryn Yelsa
Wake-up Call of the Wild
  • Wayne Kaatz's office hours - 3:15 - 3:45 P.M.
Buster and the Wolverine
  • Wolverine Trainer - The Tazmanian Devil
You Asked For It, Part II
  • Give A Hoot - Don't Pollute
Hollywood Plucky
  • Caricaturist - Bruce Timm
Europe in 30 Minutes
  • Travel Arrangements By - The Wackyland Tourist Board
The Wacko World of SportsRainy Daze
  • Guy who wears suspenders - Jim Reardon
Fields of Honey
  • Whatever happened to - McLean Stevenson?
Sawdust and Toonsil
  • This program has been edited - For your own good
Spring in ACME Acres
  • Today's L.A. Weather - Hot and Smoggy
Psychic Fun-omenon DayThe Wide World of Elmyra
  • Guy With Really Red Face - Kent Butterworth
A Ditch in Time
  • Any similarity between this cartoon and the original script is purely coincidental.
    Season 1 Part 2 
  • Class Couple - Dougman and Victoria
Career Oppor-toon-itiesStrange Tales of Weird Science
  • Number of Retakes - Don't Ask
Inside Plucky Duck
  • Great Haircut - Alfred Gimeno
The ACME Bowl
  • Homecoming Queen - Jean MacCurdy
Dating, ACME Acres StyleLooniversity Daze
  • The Show is Over - Go Do Your Homework!
Best O' Plucky Duck Day
  • Moral of the Story - Plucky's a Jerk
Hero HamtonWhale's TalesAsk Mr. Popular
  • Brooklyn Dodgers Fan - Mike Fontanelli
Son of Looniversity Daze
  • 4 a quality education - Avoid ACME Looniversity
Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool
  • Toy Collector - John Dymer
Fairy Tales For the 90's
  • The end credits - Just keep going and going and going...
Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?
  • Comedy in the wrong hands - A dangerous weapon
Tiny Toon Music Television
  • Istanbul - Not Constantinople
The Return to the ACME Acres Zone
  • Inter-office memo-corrector - Tom Minton
The ACME Home Shopping Show
  • Ms. Personality - Kirstyn Smithen
Weirdest Story Ever ToldViewer Mail DaySon of the Wacko World of Sports
  • The End Credits - Go By Really Fast
Pollution Solution
  • Don't Forget Kids - Recycle!
You Asked For It Again
  • These end credits - Are endless, aren't they?
Brave Tales of Real Rabbits
  • Guy Who Thinks It's 1947 - Charlie Bean
How Sweetie It IsNew Character Day
  • Special Thanks To - Martin Scott, Teddy Wainwright
Here's Hamton
  • Director Emeritus - Norman McCabe
No Toon is an Island
  • The Show is Over - Now Go Outside and Play
  • This is Episode Number 65 - Just in Case You're Countingnote 
High Toon
    Season 2 
Pledge WeekGoing Places
  • Moral of Story (Choose One):
    A. Eat More Meat.
    B. Don't Play With Matches.
    C. Never Put a Bowling Ball in Your Underwear.
Elephant IssuesHog Wild HamtonPlaytime ToonsToon Physics
  • Top 5 "Toon Physics" Facts:
    5. "Cub For Grub" becomes funny when you watch it backwards.
    4. Sneezer is actually a 45-year-old man.
    3. Barky Marky was in this episode.
    2. The Boy in the Orange Hat is actually Danny Bonaduce.
    1. We wanted Carl Sagan to do the wraparounds, but he snubbed us. Go figure.
  • The characters in this program are fictitious, and any similarity to any real person is purely coincidental, etc, etc., so don't sue us, OK? Thanks.
Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian
  • Please mail your unsolicited manuscripts along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to - Some other show!
Henny Youngman Day
  • Top 4 Henny Youngman "Savers":
    4. Here's another one you may not like.
    3. How can you people sleep with the TV on?
    2. Two, three, four... is anyone still watching?
    1. We will pray silently for the episode that just died.
Love Disconnection
  • Don't tell anyone - Fifi is secretly engaged to Paul Dini
Kon DuckiSepulveda Boulevard
  • Moral of the story - Wipe your feet
  • Miss Elmyra's hair and make-up by: - Floyd the Barber
Take Elmyra Please
  • Hey, kids! - Did you spot Waldo?
    Season 3 
  • The character of "Flint" is in no way based on Flint Dille. - Honest, Flint. No, really.
New Class Day
  • Black and white - Is cheaper to paint
Fox TrotWhat Makes Toons Tick
  • What these three cartoons have in common - Nothing
Flea For Your Life The Return of Batduck
  • Plucky's cape courtesy of - Seigfried and Roy
Toons Take Over
  • Hey! We lost a paperclip! Whoever took it, give it back right now! - Oh, wait. We found it. Never mind.
Toons From the Crypt
  • We gave Concord Condor a new haircut - And he still isn't funny
Two-Tone Town
  • Quote of the day - "Do you like our butts and ears better up or down?"
Buster's Directorial Debut
  • "Buster's Directorial Debut" Is Also - Buster's Directorial Swan Song
  • Guess What We Are?
    A. Republicans
    B. Democrats
    C. As of this broadcast being investigated by the F.B.I.
Toon TVGrandma's DeadMusic Day
  • Just between us - Letterman should have gotten the Carson gig.note 
The Horror of Slumber Party MountainSports Shorts
  • Appearing as Sea Monkeys - Brine Shrimp
  • Recipe for "Brine Shrimp La Fume":
    8,000 Tsp. Brine Shrimp 1 Clove Garlic, 1/2 lb. Butter Boil Brine Shrimp until screaming. Mix with other ingredients and beat into hysteria. Serve on a tennis court.
Weekday Afternoon LiveA Cat's Eye View
  • Sherri Stoner's favorite gag - That John Candied-Yam bit
Best of Buster Day
  • Hey, we won an Emmy! - But not for this episode
It's A Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special
  • Stop watching these credits - And go buy us a really nice gift!
Tiny Toon Adventures: Spring Break SpecialTiny Toon Adventures: Night GhouleryTiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation
  • Reason this movie went Straight to home video - Cuz it's so darned good!
  • Original running time: - 8 hours, 47 minutes
  • Hey, what about that Urkel kid? - Is he funny or what?
  • First Theatrical Screening - June 8, 1991, Old Orchard Theater, Skokie, Illinoisnote 
  • Last Theatrical Screening - (Same as above.)
  • This film has been edited - For your protection.
  • Do not back up - Severe tire damage
  • Man in sound recording booth who pushes that funny red button a lot - Link Poonie
  • Moral of the Story (Pick one):
    1. Enjoy your vacation.
    2. Relish your youth.
  • Additional viking dialogue - Jerry Van Dyke
  • These end credits - Are interminable
  • Top 4 reasons a caricature of David Letterman is in this video:
    4. We admire his comedy stylings.
    3. We wanted to use Merv Griffin, but he threatened to sue.
    2. We needed some filler.
    1. We're brown-nosing weasels who want him to mention us on his show.
  • Other stuff done by - Some guy named Bob.
  • And That's the Final End Credit.
    [Five or so seconds of blank screen]
    We Lied.
  • Valhalla - As himself
  • Our only regret - Joe Piscopo
  • Woman who cleans studio - Queegee Bananahoe
  • The characters in this photoplay are ficitious. Any similarity to persons living, dead, or undead, for that matter, is purely coincidental.
  • Suggested retail price - $19.95 without rebate
  • With rebate - About a buck and a quarter

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