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  • Bagel Brain, the author of Garfield in: "Along Came a Splut", revealed to a friend that he only wrote the story as a joke, and was shocked to find out it got its own trope page. He also disowned the story, oddly not for its absurd nature, but for its more morbid, dark aspects (e.g. Abe Lincoln getting brutally killed off for laughs, a Black Comedy bit which he felt was incredibly mean spirited and unfunny). He said if he would ever write a sequel (which he is unsure if he'll do) he would make it Lighter and Softer, do things like bring Abe Lincoln back to life and give him a prominent role in the story, Retcon out the darker elements of the original story, or just write a story that actually made sense instead. Instead, he eventually deleted the story altogether.
  • Nimbus Llewelyn, author of The Wizard in the Shadows and Child of the Storm, has expressed somewhat ambivalent views (at best) on the former. This is because it was essentially the product of both his steady development as a writer and a fairly epic Creator Breakdown in his mid-teens (the story was started when he was 14, first published when he was 15, and completed when he was 17), in which he apparently poured a lot of his issues at the time into the Shadows. For the most part, he's vaguely embarrassed by it, only keeping it around because it's still popular and because like a lot of his older stuff, it serves as a reminder of how far he's come as both person and writer. As for its tropes page, he's stated that he's also considered removing that too (he's known to both reference his works' tropes pages, and sometimes meddle in for his own amusement), but left it on the grounds that, flaws and all, he still thinks that Shadows is better than some of the other serious stories that have pages.
    • As for Child of the Storm, he's consistently a bit embarrassed by the earlier chapters, and occasionally tries to clean them up somewhat. The problem is less writing quality, more that their tone reflects the story's original intent - a Lighter and Softer Fix Fic. Around chapter 20 or so, it took a sharp turn into Darker and Edgier territory and steadily developing into an intricately plotted and very lengthy saga rife with Black and Grey Morality. Unfortunately, however, a lot of things are set up early on, meaning that there's only so much one can change 'without bringing the whole tower of Jenga bricks down around one's ears'.
  • Post's reposting of his popular Teen Titans epic, "These Black Eyes", begins with this summary- "Noir, an incredibly overpowered Gary Stu, joins the animated Teen Titans. During his tenure with the heroic youngsters, many grammatical errors are made, many gross atrocities of the first-person narrative are committed, and a bunch of bloody drama is spilt in the name of lifeless nerdiness. Act One consists of his beating up the Titans and the Titans loving him for it. Act Two consists of predictable villains coming back to battle the Titans in a huge cataclysm of page length and sound effects. Act Three shall never again see the Internet because it sucks major donkey rectum. This has not been edited, but it has been preserved—not so much by me but by those few generous (depraved?) souls who felt this fic needed to stay in existence."
    • He deleted his earlier X-Men: Evolution fanfic, Between the Walls, for similar reasons. He never reposted it.
  • Since becoming a published writer, Cassandra Clare has disavowed The Draco Trilogy and here it is.
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  • Many writers have written a Lemon story, and come to hate it, as it becomes more reviewed, written and popular than any of their other works.
  • Greg X, one of the staff members of The Gargoyles Saga has, on several occasions, publicly disowned his TGS work. Many of his issues stem from story structure, to characterization (ask him how he feels about what TGS did to Demona some time), and too many fan-created characters who no one but their fan creator had an interest in. That, and he just prefers Greg Weisman's plans and comics. A very diplomatically written blog post can be found here detailing how he feels.
  • After completing the series and moving on to webcomics, Cassie "Alohilani" Thomas has several times affirmed her dislike of Both Syllables. Despite this, she still gets asked about it, to her great displeasure.
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  • With thousands of reviews and numerous people saving docs of Fierce Deity's The Legend of Zelda fanfic series, you'd think that he'd be heartened. Nope, he wants nobody to ever mention those "pieces of crap" ever again, despite the latter story, "Eternal Ark" being reasonably written with an engaging plot and interesting original characters.
  • FF.Net and author Meowth Rocket/Meowth's Toon Dragon is known for his A New Face in Ponyville story, considered one of the better 'Human In Equestria' stories, as well as some decent Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog stories and the famous "Payback from a Pipe" Family Guy fic. He's also written a couple stories that he considered so bad he purposely refused to transfer them over to his harddrive, all but erasing their existence forever. But nearly COMPLETELY averted with Payback from a Pipe. Even though he hopes it's not the only fanfic he's ever known for, he still loves it and all the recognition he's gotten, as well as all the fans of it.
  • Gregg Landsman, once a prolific and well-liked fic author, essentially gave up on the Eva fandom and disowned his most popular fic, Nobody Dies, after severe fan backlash regarding a Wham Episode that Retconned several dozens of chapters.
  • Shinnok, author of the New Look series isn't too fond of Naruto's New Look.
  • DarthLink22, the author of The Nuptialverse, has stated that the popularity of Post Nuptials makes him uncomfortable, due to feeling that it's not as good as the rest of the series.
  • Though Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella remains the fifth-most favorited and followed Puella Magi Madoka Magica story on FFN, its creator has declared it a Dead Fic, and noted it to be fundamentally flawed and really, really stupid. Given the switch from the near-Rated M for Manly MMVP to more character-driven stories like Soul Intercourse and Sayaka Quest, he's practically The Atoner. The story itself remains a Berserk Button.
  • The author of the infamous Homestuck Troll Fic "Daddy Dearest" (You Do NOT Want To Know what it's about) has declared on her Tumblr that she's come to hate the fanfic, regrets ever having written it in the first place and is angry at the fandom for turning it into a meme. It's not hard to see why.
  • The author of Equestrylvania has admitted that the first arc in the companion book Equestrylvania Adventure was a very boring excuse at World Building and laying groundwork for the rest of the stories proper in the series, and that if he could, he'd go back and rewrite it (but won't because it'd be a waste of time and effort).
  • An example between two related works: despite what you may think, and despite providing material for it, the author of Turnabout Storm was not pleased with the novelization. She had a long and productive discussion with one of the authors of the novelization, the contents of which remain private. What came out of that is that what happened in the novelization (most likely the Interspecies Romance between Twilight and Phoenix) was due to a series of miscommunications or lack of communication on both sides. A second, more faithful novelization has also been brought up, and is a possibility.
  • Many authors that wrote for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic universe The Conversion Bureau went through this in some way.
  • Mass Effect Human Revolution's author IgnusDei has declared his dislike for the length of the Noveria arc.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Heather's Story, a crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Total Drama, was fairly well received and even got a recommendation on the Fanfic Recs page. However, a few years after it was finished, the author took it down due to no longer being pround of the work due to numerous reasons, which he goes into more detail here.
    And thus, even after the good memories, the more than awesome friends I made with my fic, it's time for this fic to not be online anymore. There are some things you write that you shouldn't put online and this fic is one of them.
  • Some of the contributors to The Great Starship Battle expressed frustration at the fact that the person chosen to finish the story ignored pretty much everything that had been written before, resulting in a lack of resolution for the plot threads they had introduced.


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