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Creator / Yuuichi Nakamura
aka: Yuichi Nakamura

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A seiyuu who tends to play Jerks, usually with hearts of gold underneath. He can also, however, stray into just plain Jerkass territory. How much this is dialed up to depends on the role. Early in his career he was frequently cast as snarky or sullen young men, but with time he's started to gravitate toward older roles, usually of cool/badass characters. His voice range is flexible enough to do most anything from gruff characters to crossdressers, sounding convincing even when he pitches his voice an octave higher than his normal tone.

Not to be confused with live-action actor Yuichi Nakamura, though reportedly the two are friends.

Relationship Voice Actor with Tomokazu Sugita. Him and Sugita also host a program at AT-X called Tokyo Encounter. And with Saori Hayami, with whom they at least four times portrayed the relationship between the protagonist and girl who one-sided in love with him. Also with Yoko Hikasa who he nickname Baba due to her being oldest female during the Inu × Boku SS casting.


Not related at all to Chie Nakamura.

Roles by Yuuichi Nakamura:

Alternative Title(s): Yuichi Nakamura


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