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Have you ever heard the phrase (yeah) "YOU ARE HERE"?
It refers to the night that we drop it into gear!

"You Are Here" was a short-lived programming block on Cartoon Network that lasted from October 3rd, 2008 to June 26th, 2009. Following the poor reception of Fried Dynamite, a previous programming block that served as the successor to Fridays, the network moved premieres of its original and acquired comedy programming to Thursday nights with Har Har Tharsdays earlier that year. Meanwhile, the decision was made to end the channel's once successful action animation block, Toonami, by year's end, in favor of a new programming block that would match the on-air branding of the channel.


Effectively being a successor block to Toonami, albeit on Friday nights instead of Saturday nights, You Are Here showcased premieres of the channel's action-animation offerings (Transformers Animated notwithstanding). Hosted by the golden King Noodnote , the name of the block came from the simple fact's Friday night and YOU. ARE. HERE. Following the end of the programming block, the network continued to premiere action shows on Friday nights, until the creation of DC Nation pushed all such programming to Saturday mornings.


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