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Wilbur Addison Smith (born 9 January 1933) is a prolific author, having written over 30 novels and sold 120 million copies worldwide. He's best known for the Courtney Series, following several generations of the titular family and their fortunes in Darkest Africa.

Born in what is now Zambia, Wilbur Addison Smith grew up on his father's cattle farm, before being sent off to boarding school. After his father discouraged his dreams of becoming a journalist, he graduated university with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1954 and became an accountant. while working for the Inland Revenue, he continued to write, and eventually in 1964 he published his first successful novel When The Lion Feeds. The success of this book convinced Smith to become a full time writer.

All of his novels are set in Africa, and follow similar themes of early African history, hunting, gold mining, carousing and romancing women- in a self acknowledged case of Writing What You Know.


    The Courtney Series 
  • Birds of Prey 1660s
  • Monsoon 1690s
  • Blue Horizon 1730s
  • When The Lion Feeds 1860s-1890s
  • Triumph of the Sun 1880s
  • The Sound of Thunder 1899-1906
  • Assegai 1906-1918
  • The Burning Shore 1917-1920
  • A Sparrow Falls 1918-1925
  • Power of the Sword 1931-1948
  • Rage 1950s and 1960s
  • Golden Fox 1969-1979
  • A Time To Die 1987

    The Ballantyne Series 
  • A Falcon Flies 1860
  • Men of Men 1870s-1890s
  • The Angels Weep 1st part 1890s, 2nd part 1977
  • The Leopard Hunts in Darkness 1980s
  • The Triumph of the Sun 1884

    The Egyptian Series 
  • River God
  • The Seventh Scroll
  • Warlock
  • The Quest

  • The Dark of the Sun
  • Shout at the Devil
  • Gold Mine
  • The Diamond Hunters
  • The Sunbird
  • Eagle in the Sky
  • The Eye of the Tiger
  • Cry Wolf
  • Hungry as the Sea
  • Wild Justice
  • Elephant Song


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