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Vox Day (real name: Theodore Beale) is a highly controversial science fiction/fantasy writer and blogger, who runs the blog Vox Popoli. His written works include the fantasy religion-themed series Eternal Warriors and the epic fantasy series The Arts of Dark and Light, as well as a number of nonfiction works about politics, religion and economics. He also worked on a number of computer games, including Rebel Moon, its sequel Rebel Moon Rising (unrelated to the 2023 movie of the same name) and a Christian-themed first person game The War in Heaven, all published in The '90s by GT Interactive Software. He is also the leader editor of the publishing company Castalia House, which focuses on a conservative audience. Most recently, he writes the controversial ongoing comic book series Alt★Hero, featuring an Alternate History setting where superpowered freedom fighters battle an oppressive liberal regime.

Over above his already polarizing fiction, Vox Day is most infamous for his quite extreme views — politically, he stands to the far right, and has nothing but disdain for the moderate right — compounded by his unashamedly inflammatory style; he was expelled from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America after publicly insulting a number of fellow members. During the 2015 and 2016 editions of the Hugo Awards, he gained special infamy by starting a movement called the "Rabid Puppies", encouraging his followers (the "Dread Ilk") to nominate the works from a list he composed; subsequent backlash from the voters resulted in the 2015 Hugos receiving the most "No Award" categories in the award's history.

Tropes associated with Vox Day:

  • Author Catchphrase: A number of his catchphrases show up in his works:
    • "You have it precisely backward." Corvus says this in A Throne Of Bones.
    • "The ride never ends" shows up in a volume of Alt★Hero.
    • "SJWs Always Lie" became the title of one of his nonfiction books.
  • Catchphrase: Usually some variation of "What you fail to understand is..."
  • Start My Own: "Build your own platforms" is a motto Vox practices as well as preaches. In addition to the aforementioned Castalia House, he has his own online encyclopedia (Infogalactic), webcomic hosting site (Arkhaven) and video hosting site (