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Alexander North, known on his FanfictionDotNet account as VolcanicPizza, is a writer of fanfiction and original works who is mostly based around WarriorCats and Undertale fanfiction. His Fanfiction account can be found here, and his Fictionpress account can be found here. He also frequents AlternateHistoryDotCom, usually asking questions pertaining to his other writing.

List of significant works

  • All Quiet on the River: A Warriors fanfiction based off analogues to World War One.
  • Anomaly Cycle: AU Undertale fanfic based in a world controlled by two feuding players, the Anomaly and the Seraph, and the chaos resulting from an error causing Frisk to be able to take Sans' soul and keep the power over a reset.
  • Calm Morning, Harsh Evening: Original work based in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse which seems to have largely passed over children.
  • Final Switch: Undertale AU where the characters are shifted around after Frisk resets one million times.
  • I Wish I Was in Dixie: Original work, time travelers seek to change the outcome of the Civil War.
  • Rising Smoke series: Warriors fanfic based around the fallen apprentice Smokepaw.
  • Rising Eagle: You Are Hitler Now: Original work, based in an alternate history where a Self-Insert character is placed into Hitler's body in 1920. Also posted on
  • The Third ShadowClan Reich: Warriors fanfic. A Fanfiction troll named Luke is inserted into the body of a kit to redeem humanity's crimes against cats, but quickly goes on to mess things up.
  • Waiting for Undyne: Undertale fanfic. Inspired by Waiting for Godot, but with a far more depressing ending.

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