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Virtual Smash is a Machinima group created by MegaBlasta that excels in creating high quality visual entertainment. The group is chiefly composed by thirteen relatively well-known Super Smash Bros. machinima directors dubbed the Virtual XIII, who frequently collaborate on each other's projects.

Members of the Virtual XIII and their works include:

Examples of tropes with Virtual Smash:

  • Animesque: Several of their machinimas appear to take inspiration from Anime and even include a few Anime tropes.
  • Anime Theme Song: Currently 3 of them.
    • Virtual Piece- A parody of the 15th Opening of One Piece; We Go.
    • Virtual Beats- A parody of Angel Beats Opening; My Soul, Your Beats.
    • Virtual S Arena- A parody of the Persona 4 Arena opening.
  • Leitmotif:
    • "Smash Through"- Virtual Smash's theme.
    • "Blue Blast"- Mega Blasta's theme.


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