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Victor Pelevin (born 22 November 1962) is the most famous writer of contemporary Russia. His career began around the same time as the collapse of communism, and his initial works from early 90's are frequently considered among his best.

Pelevin became acclaimed in the mid-90's with the novel Buddha's Little finger which scored high circulation numbers at the times when, as stereotype goes, no-one was interested in the (new) books. It was a postmodernist item where the action was distributed by two different planes (post-revolutionary and post-Soviet Russia).

In the late 90's Peleven scored even stronger when he put out his main work, Generation P which made him a household name in the fraction of the Russian population, interested in the "serious" literature. The novel depicted the world of conspiracy and the masquerade where the real forces running the things were the advertisers, no less. It was said to provide the contemporaries the concepts to understand the process in the late-90's Russia.

After that, as if overwhelmed with his success and newly-gained status he took a long break, returning with a new collection of works (incdluing a novel) only in 2003. Since then Pelevin set on a regular course, releasing a new novel (or a collection of works) on a yearly basis.

In many novels by Peleven the world is ruled by a certain Ancient Conspiracy, frequently drawing its power from ancient gods. The character is often the Chosen One who by some reason is selected to enter the conspiracy and reaches a huge position in the esoteric power structure. The author also regularly uses Buddhist concepts in his books (including the world as illusion) as a part of the Author Tract.

Also Pelevin's standard novel usually is a vehicle to tackle all the latest social developments in the Russia in particular as well as in the Western world. He is expected to react to the topical issues, such as an nth economic crisis, metoo movement or covid19.

The writer is since around 2006 accused of putting out the same book all over, never reaching the heights of Buddha's Little finger and Generarion P. Occasionally some critics consider certain novels to be his return to form (S.N.U.F.F. from 2011 and iPhuck10 from 2017 are the better candidates).

Pelevin is a typical reclusive artist who is never, repeat, never interviewed. He is said to live in Moscow but might as well have emigrated to Germany or some Buddhist country.

Selected bibliography

  • Hermit and Six-Toes (1990)
  • Omon Ra (1992)
  • The Life of Insects (1993)
  • Buddha's Little Finger (1996)
  • Generation P (1999)
  • DTP(NN) - The Dialectics of the Transition Period (from Nowhere to No Place) (2003) - collection includes a short novel Numbers.
  • The Sacred Book of the Werewolf (2004)
  • Empire V (2006)
  • S.N.U.F.F. (2010)
  • iPhuck 10 (2017)

Works by Victor Pelevin contain examples of:

  • Pop Culture Symbology: His novels almost entirely consist of this trope. For instance, Generation P involves the goddess Ishtar whose corporeal form consists of the totality of advertising images.