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The company logo, informally known as "The Bug".

Varèse Sarabande was founded in 1977 as the result of a merger between the small classical labels Varèse International and Sarabande Records as a label to distribute reissues of classical albums from companies such as Decca Records and JVC. Eventually, they branched into jazz music, Broadway recordings and, most notably, film scores. In 1988, Varèse Sarabande began a partnership with MCA, and today it has released over 1,100 film scores and cast recordings. Robert Townson (he left in 2019), the company not only releases work from legends such as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann, but also supports newer composers such as Alexandre Desplat, Brian Tyler and Marco Beltrami. The label has also released two CD compilations of theme music from North American game shows.

The company's success has led to competitors (and often Friendly Rivals) such as Intrada, La La Land Records, Kritzerland, Silva Screen and Perseverance Records, Dragon's Domain Records. In a way, Varèse Sarabande's success showed that there was a market for film scores and the company has benefited strongly. Although Italy's C.A.M.(Creazioni Artistiche Musicali) and Cinevox actually predate them but given they concentrate on Italian productions. France's Music Box Records and Spain's Quartet Records cast their nets wider.


The company also operates Varèse Vintage, a sublabel for pop music reissues and compilations.

In February 2018, Varèse was acquired by Concord Music Group.

The listing below only includes albums that had their initial release on the label (with the exception of Spartacus in the Alex North folder). Titles with asterisks have also been released by the label in expanded form.

Among their many, many releases (and the individual folders may not include all the albums on the label from that particular composer, usually just the ones with pages on this site):

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    John Barry 

    Elmer Bernstein 

     Carter Burwell 

     Bill Conti 

     John Debney 

     Alexandre Desplat 

     Randy Edelman 

     Danny Elfman 

     Michael Giacchino 

     Eliot Goldenthal 

     Jerry Goldsmith 

     James Horner 

     James Newton Howard 

     Mark Isham 

     Maurice Jarre 

     Michael Kamen 
     Henry Mancini 
  • The Great Mouse Detective (one of the very, very few Walt Disney animated movies not involving Pixar whose original soundtrack has been licensed through a non-Disney label)
  • Lifeforce (BSX Records later issued this in expanded form and with Michael Kamen's additional music)
  • The Man Who Loved Women
  • Nightwing
  • Switch

     David Newman 

     Thomas Newman 

     Alex North 

     John Ottman 

     Basil Poledouris 
RoboCop 3*

     Rachel Portman 

     John Powell 

     Alan Silvestri 

     Brian Tyler 

     John Williams 
  • The Cowboys*
  • Family Plot
  • Heartbeeps
  • Midway
  • Presumed Innocent (this is one of only two scores of his Varese issued alongside the film's release)
  • Stanley and Iris* (this is the other; the later release of the complete score was twinned with his even shorter complete score for Pete'n'Tillie)

     Hans Zimmer 


     TV Soundtracks 


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