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Karl Custer is a fandom oriented stand-up and improv comedian, more commonly known by his stage name, Uncle Yo. He's been performing at various geek community events—primarily anime conventions, but also gaming conventions and science fiction conventions - since 2007, beginning with DexCon and Zenkaikon. He has performed at over forty anime conventions as of April 2011. He has acted as a Master of Ceremonies (usually at cosplay masquerades), discussion panel leader or presenter (with typical panels named "Anime Match Game" or "Cosplay Burlesque") and game show host. His themes revolve around Otaku and Japanese culture, anime and manga, comic books, popular science fiction and fantasy franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as video gaming, tabletop gaming, role-playing gaming, and LARPs.


He has been described as "Renaissance Nerd", "an emerging act in the world of conventions" (in 2009) and a "geek-specific Otaku Renaissance man comedian" who "has taken the convention circuit by storm." His work has been described as touching on "several time periods and genres of animation and general geekery" with "rich knowledge of fandom". He's also appeared on That Guy with the Glasses, specifically The Nostalgia Critic, Demo Reel, and Dragonbored.


Tropes associated with Uncle Yo:

  • Acceptable Targets: Let me apologize to the conservative Christians, and the liberal Christians, and the Calvinists, and the creationists, and the Christian scientists, and the actual scientists, and the scientologists, and the Wiccans and the Buddhists and the Muslims and the Puritans and the Baptists and the Catholics, and the grammar nazis and the rule nazis and the kosher nazis and the feminazis and the Jews for Jesus and all the other conspiracy theorists...
  • Black Comedy: Some of his routines can get pretty dark...
  • Prop Comedy: Started off using little graphics of sweat drops and Cross-Popping Veins and the like on sticks. Eventually phased out.
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy: But acknowledged he's trying to dial it back a bit.
  • Running Gag:...the teenagers and the elderly and the teeny-boppers and the prosti-tots, and the tweeners and the godparents and the great parents and all the other narcissists...
    • Overly Long Gag:...I apologize to the obsessive-compulsives, and the germaphobes, and the narcoleptics, and the obsessive-compulsives, the kleptomaniacs, the obsessive-compulsives, the people with Aspergers, the pathological liars, the sociopaths, the dentists, the obsessive-compulsives, the clinically paranoid (because I am talking about you behind your back) and the obsessive-compulsives...

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