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­!US! Studios is an online group of nonconformists who like to be Crazy Awesome whenever possible. Their main contributions to the internet are comedic flash cartoons, though some of them can be very serious in nature.

So far, the group has made three series and various short works.

By far the most popular of the groups work,''Legend of Zelda: Unknown Origins'', a Fan Fiction series based on The Legend of Zelda. It take place some time in the future of Hyrule's history, and many characters from various games are present. The story is about our favorite hero-of-time living peacefully in Kokiria with his pals. Link starts getting flashbacks of his previous lives and goes on a quest to find out about all of his pasts.

WHOOKOS (We Have Our Own Kind Of Smart) is about a group of nonconformists who attend Oak Canyon Junior High somewhere in Utah. Basically has no overall plot other than getting into trouble and having fun.


A.E. Chronics is easily the darkest series made by the !US! crew. Originally a series of filmed sequences called !Statistic Attack!, a plot was eventually hashed out and became what it is today.

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