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Cue the Ultimate Show[1]
"Hey guys, Triforce of Doom here, & welcome to my TV Tropes page!"

Matthew Engstrom, AKA Triforce of Doom, is a content creator on Youtube. His videos cover a good few subjects, mainly in the form of countdowns. So far, he's mainly covered video games, but his tagline of "Your local gamer/anime nut/whovian/brony" suggests that he'll cover all of these in the future.

Matt also has a second channel for Let's Plays called Let's Plays of Doom, where he mainly covers games from Nintendo & PC games he really likes. These include "indefinite" playlists such as Smashnanigans or Over WTF, which are uploaded whenever he feels like recording them. Matt is also one of the newer members of the group The Chaotic Crusaders, where they do races & the like.

Main channel: [2]

Let's Plays of Doom: [3]

  • Top 30 Super Mario Galaxy Bosses W/ Fanatic Mario Man
  • Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks
  • Top 9 Mario Role Playing Games
  • Top 15 Autarch of Flame Moments
  • Top 21 Smash 4 Trailers
  • Top 10 RWBY Songs
  • Top 10 RWBY Weapons
  • Top 10 Nostalgic Games (50 Subscriber Special)
  • Top 10 RWBY Pairs
  • Top 9 Metal Gear Rising Bosses
  • Top 10 Final Bosses

    Let's Plays 
  • Paper Mario (Complete)
  • Sonny (Complete)
  • Sonny 2 (indefinite hiatus)
  • Final Fantasy VII (hiatus)
  • Skullgirls Story Modes (Complete)
  • No More Heroes (Complete)
  • Smash 4 Classic Mode (Complete)
  • Huniepop (Complete)
  • Shovel Knight (Complete)
  • Plague of Shadows (Complete)
  • Castle Crashers W/Dddrgn (Complete)
  • Epic Battle Fantasy (Complete)
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 2 (Complete)
  • Undertale Neutral (Complete)
  • Undertale Pacifist (Complete)
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Complete)
  • Luigi's Mansion (Complete)
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (complete)
  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (Complete)
  • Super Sonic Generations (Complete)
  • Specter of Torment (Complete)
  • Superhot (Complicated)
  • Amiibo Antics (infinite playlist)
  • Smashnanigans (infinite playlist)
  • Mario Kart Mayhem (infinite playlist)
  • Over WTF (infinite playlist)

Any tropes from Crusaders videos go on that page.

Tropes of Doom:

  • Amusing Injuries
    • Triforce's introduction to Gale Twister is a flying hoof to the face.

  • Big "NO!"
    • Had a very loud one when fighting Filia in Fukua's story thanks to losing after both got knocked down with a sliver of health left. For context, he ended up recording about half an hour of that fight alone.

  • Berserk Button
    • Seeing anyone he cares about getting bullied will not make him pleasant toward the offending party. (Hell, bullying in general)
    • On the side of games, bosses that kill him over & over.
    • Do NOT mention Sticker Star in his presence unless you want a rant.

  • Catchphrase
    • Replace the "TV Tropes" in the page quote with whatever the video is about for what the first 2 seconds of every video is.
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    • "Let's rock!" for whenever he gets in boss fight mode.

  • Cosmic Plaything
    • Had a LOT of tech issues when starting out, including his console capture device completely crapping out on him.
    • Also seems to have bad luck with some things he's usually good at in his Let's Plays at times.

  • Cuteness Proximity
    • All Wooly World footage has proven that Matt is a sucker for cute things. Kittens are his biggest weakness.

  • Determinator
    • Streamed Sans for 2 four hour sessions until he beat him.

  • Didn't See That Coming
    • Probably most viewers' reactions to Matt putting a Mortal Kombat game on Top Ten Nostalgic Games. Not the first franchise you'd expect a 5-year old to play.

  • Doomy Dooms of Doom
    • Triforce of Doom, Let's Plays of Doom, Countdowns of Doom... you get the point.

  • Early Installment Weirdness
    • Didn't start wearing his signature hat until he was a few countdowns in.

  • Epic Fail
    • Forgot to save before fighting Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 on stream resulting in him having to redo the entire X-naut fortress after dying.

  • Fan Boy
    • A major one for ATLUS. Will happily buy any of their RPGs, especially SMT games.
    • Also made a RWBY Marathon to celebrate the 4th volume coming out.

  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!
    • Actively tries to not swear. You will constantly hear him say fudge instead of the more popular term when he gets pissed.
    • Doesn't really care about other people/media doing it though, as evidenced by not censoring the dialogue in No More Heroes or Huniepop.
    • Has recently turned his filter off, resulting in him now bordering on Cluster F-Bomb at times.

  • Hope Spot
    • He & a very buffed Filia each had a sliver of health left when they had a mutual knockdown. See Big "NO!" for what happened.

  • Hypocritical Humor
    • Triforce does a face-hoof at Gale's pun in the Midnight Sparkle video. Note how often Triforce himself makes puns. It's even lampshaded by a picture of one of his LP part names.

  • Incredibly Lame Pun
    • Look at any of his LP titles. If it's not the final part, it's likely a bad pun.

  • Oh, Crap!
    • Practically his catchprase
    • Let out a pretty big one when he realized he forgot to save. After loading the save.

  • Rage Quit
    • Ended up doing this at the Henry fight in his No More Heroes LP.
    • Also quit Fukua's Story Mode in Skullgirls after fighting Filia for 30 minutes.

  • Signing-Off Catchphrase
    • Ends every video with "This has been the Triforce of Doom. Peace out!"

  • Stealth Pun
    • Calling the Duck Hunt Dog a son of a b***. Think about it.

  • The Stinger
    • Played the Sonic OVA Metal Sonic moment("I know everything you're going to do" etc.) over Dark Pit footage in Top Ten Soundtracks.
    • Used Giant Dreamy Luigi for an Attack on Titan joke in Top 9 Mario RPGs.

  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!"
    • If you mention a new Megaman, Zelda, or god forbid Persona game within earshot, you may lose hearing.

  • Top Ten List
    • He TRIES to make these his main content.
"This has been the Tropes of TV. Peace out!"

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