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"The integrity of the story you’re telling has to come before your ego every time."

Tracy Raye Hickman (born November 26, 1955) is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author. He is best known for his collaborations with Margaret Weis, with whom most of his books have been co-authored. He also writes Tabletop Games.

Books that he wrote or co-wrote include:

  • With Margaret Weis:
  • With his wife, Laura Hickman:
    • Bronze Canticles trilogy
    • The Annals of Drakis trilogy
    • Dragon's Bard trilogy
  • By himself:
    • Requiem of Stars (supposed to be part of a series called Songs of the Stellar Wind, but apparently some contractual issue arose)
    • The Immortals
    • Fireborn: Embers of Atlantis
    • Starcraft: Speed of Darkness (a StarCraft book)
    • Wayne of Gotham (a Batman book)