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The author's mysterious insignia.

"Don't I know you?"
— The headline from ThatPersonYouMightKnow's fanfiction profile.

ThatPersonYouMightKnow, is an author most known for the fanfiction serial The Lion King Adventures, and who has since published a novel, Flight, as Anthony Barletta.

He was 15 when he started The Lion King Adventures, which ran for a year and a half. It became a hit in fanfiction circles for The Lion King, creating fanfiction of its own, a massive fan forum, music, and dramatic readings. On January 1, 2014, he wrote and published his very last fanfiction story, Haiba Kong.

As of June 2014, he has published Flight, the first in a long line of novels he intends to write. The book is available on Amazon in e-book form, and those who wish for a hard copy can obtain a paperback edition on CreateSpace.


  • Flight 2014: His first novel, published June 6 of that year.

Fanfiction Works:

  • The Lion King Adventures: His main fan work, and the lead for all the others.
  • The Haiba Mystery: A detective-genre spinoff featuring the author as a detective investigating the murder of Haiba. It was recorded in full by voice actor Anonymous13 B, and was followed by Poison (see below).
  • Poison: The follow-up to The Haiba Mystery, Poison was a series of short stories following the further adventures of Detective TPYMK along with the lioness Sarafina.
  • TLKA Shorts: A series of short stories taking place within TLKA. His fanfiction swan song, Haiba Kong, was the last of these.
  • Cheese: A sitcom starring TPYMK and the fans getting into various madcap misadventures.
  • Coming Out: A non-canon story depicting Simba falling for Haiba.
  • The Hermit: The Hermit of Hekima's backstory, which also features the Interceptor as a cub.


  • Dear Negative Reader: He hates trolls. If they make him snap, they can expect an angry message.
  • I Just Write the Thing: He honestly hated killing off beloved characters in TLKA such as Tojo, Tama and Haiba. But the story necessitated that they had to die.
  • Lying Creator: Repeatedly lied to the fans about the content of the TLKA stories, particularly in the three-part finale.
  • Teasing Creator: Often teased the readers about content in the fanfiction stories.
  • Trolling Creator: He messed with the fans all the time. Lying and teasing was his forte.