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The author's mysterious insignia.

"Don't I know you?"
— The headline from That Person You Might Know's fanfiction profile.

ThatPersonYouMightKnow is an acclaimed author, primarily known for his popular Fanfic, The Lion King Adventures, though he has recently published a novel, Flight.

He was 15 when he started the series, and turned 16 during its year-and-a-half run. The Lion King Adventures became a hit very quickly, as it spawned similar series by other authors, a massive forum—home to multiple works created by the author and the fansmusic, voice recordings by VA Anonymous13 B, the detective thriller The Haiba Mystery, and its follow-up series Poison. This has earned him the reputation of being one of the most popular fanfic writers for The Lion King, with a large and dedicated fanbase.

On January 1, 2014, he wrote and published his very last fanfiction story, Haiba Kong.

As of June 2014, he has published Flight, the first in a long line of novels he intends to write. The book is available on Amazon in e-book form, and those who wish for a hard copy can obtain a paperback edition on Create Space.



  • Flight: His first novel, published June 6, 2014.

Fanfiction Works:

  • The Lion King Adventures: His main fan work, and the lead for all the others.
  • The Haiba Mystery: A detective-genre spinoff featuring the author as a detective investigating the murder of Haiba. It was recorded in full by voice actor Anonymous 13 B, and was followed by Poison (see below).
  • Poison: The follow-up to The Haiba Mystery, Poison was a series of short stories following the further adventures of Detective TPYMK along with the lioness Sarafina.
  • TLKA Shorts: A series of short stories taking place within TLKA. His fanfiction swan song, Haiba Kong, was the last of these.
  • Cheese: A sitcom starring TPYMK and the fans getting into various madcap misadventures.
  • Coming Out: A non-canon story depicting Simba falling for Haiba.
  • The Hermit: The Hermit of Hekima's backstory, which also features the Interceptor as a cub.



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