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Howdy, I go by Creepy and I'm the Host of That Creepy Reading! Your one stop shop for anything disturbing!

ThatCreepyReading, or Tinker, is a YouTuber who got his start making Creepypasta readings but later moved on to more varied topics. His most famous readings are of the stories 1999 and Abandoned by Disney.

Apart from creating things for his own channel, he is a collaborator on Tats Tops Videos; In addition to working as a script writer for them, he has also narrated some of their videos such as "Top 35 Strangest Fish", "Top 110 Violent & Gory Games" and "Top 22 Gaming Creepypastas", as well as introducing podcasts onto the team.

He used to have another account called "That Brony Show which specialized in topics and rants about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. No longer available.

Needs a Better Description.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Naturally, he puts a lot of humor in his narration.
  • Horror Host: Compared to other horror hosts of his type on youtube, he takes a bite or two of Elvira's snarkiness, making his videos much more entertaining and funny as a result. Being both easy going, and suitably horrifying when the situation calls for it.

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