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Happy Summer Days, one of her paintings.

Terry Ananny is a painter born in 1956, in Canada. She is a mostly self-taught artist who specialises in paintings of children at play and northern landscapes. Some parts of her art are simple like the people on it, but the backgrounds are generally detailed and colorful. She has also made art for charity and organisations such as UNICEF or the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Her official website can be found here.


Her art provides examples of:

  • Birthday Episode: Some paintings, like Garden Party, Joyful Celebration, and A Lovely Fall Day depict birthday parties, as evidenced by the cake with candles on top, gifts, party hats, and balloons
  • Chromatic Arrangement: Some art features kids in a red-blue-green clothes arrangement, like Hockey, or red-blue-yellow, like Maple Sugar Time.
  • Christmas Carolers: The work Carolers depicts four children in a winter setting with lyric sheets in their hands.
  • The Faceless: No people she ever painted have faces.
  • Free-Range Children: With Ananny's focus on children, this crops up from time to time when the setting clearly isn't at home. A notable case is Winter Wonderland, where the children are at least nearby houses, but one is chopping wood unsupervised and another is alone cooking while the flames leap higher than the pot.
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  • Picnic Episode: The work Happy Summer Days depicts eleven children that have set up a table and chairs at the riverside to enjoy watermelon slices.
  • Slice of Life: Her art focuses on children having fun in a realistic setting.


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