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Tatsuya Nakadai in Harakiri
Tatsuya Nakadai (born December 13, 1932 in Tokyo, Japan) is a legendary Japanese actor, and one of the most recognizable to Western audiences. He is known for playing a diverse range of roles, performing in drama, action and comedy films, theatre, television (and even anime) as a leading man and background character.

He was famously discovered by the then still im-prominent director Masaki Kobayashi, who chanced upon him while he was working as a shop clerk. Kobayashi offered him a role in The Thick-Walled Roomnote  which would be Tatsuya's film debut. It wasn't until Kobayashi's epic The Human Condition, however, that Tatsuya became a star - where his ability to play an internally tormented character awed Japanese audiences and directors alike.

Tatsuya is extremely prolific, having worked on films from the 1950s and still acting today. He is well known for playing Samurai and antagonists, especially with frequent collaborator Toshiro Mifune (an equally legendary Japanese actor).


Some of Tatsuya Nakadai's more well known works:


  • Black Rivernote  as Jo (1957)
  • Enjo as Tokari (1958)
  • The Human Conditionnote  as Kaji (1959)
  • Odd Obsessionnote  as Kimura (1959)
  • When A Woman Ascends The Stairsnote  as Kenichi Komatsu (1960)
  • Yojimbo as Unosuke/Gunfighter (1961)
  • Immortal Lovenote  as Heibei (1961)
  • Sanjuro as Hanbei Muroto (1962)
  • The Inheritancenote  as Kikuo Furukawa (1962)
  • Harakiri as Hanshiro Tsugumo (1962)
  • High and Lownote  as Chief Detective Tokura (1963)
  • Kwaidan: segment "Yuki-Onna" as Minokichi (1964)
  • The Sword of Doomnote  as Ryunosuke Tsukue (1966)
  • The Face of Anothernote  as Mr. Okuyama (1966)
  • Samurai Rebellionnote  as Tatewaki Asano (1967)
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  • Kill!note  as Genta (1968)
  • Hitokiri as Hampeita Takechi (1969)
  • Belladonna of Sadness as Satan (1973) (voice)
  • Kagemusha as Takeda Shingen / Kagemusha (1980)
  • Port Arthur as General Nogi (1980)
  • Final Yamatonote  as the narrator (1983)
  • Ran as Lord Hidetora Ichimonji (1985)
  • Hachikō as Shujiro Ueno (1987)

Live-Action TV

  • Shin Heike Monogatari as Taira no Kiyomori (1972)
  • Furin Kazan as Takeda Nobutora (2006)note 


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