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Tadahisa Saizen is a voice actor born in Osaka at September 25th, 1964. Before that, he was a certified high school art teacher. He entered voice acting a bit late, usually doing minor roles and eventually uplifted into slightly minor role (with ascending importance) when he got the role of Kai Kitamura and eventually Berserker/Heracles (even if most of the time he's just doing distorted roaring). But eventually, from those roles, it's known that he could do a good deal of Badass Baritone, especially for uncle-type characters. And thus was his typical roles in the latter eras, being one of the older seiyuus that are sporadically active, mostly found in video games.


Oh, and if you think he mostly does 'dignified old man/uncle', his wacky role as Edward Teach/Blackbeard (as a Meta Guy and pervy uncle) might surprise you.

Known roles of Tadahisa Saizen