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Syfy is a channel owned by NBCUniversal (itself owned by media giant Comcast). It’s available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and a dozen or so other countries, sometimes under the name Syfy Universal.

Founded in 1992 as the Sci-Fi Channel (in its later years, simply "Sci Fi"), the network's remit is to air various kinds of Speculative Fiction, from science/fantasy and paranormal to their own produced movies and shows. Their original series tend to be Cult Classics, and the network has a history of salvaging cancelled shows from other networks and renewing them. Unfortunately, they also have a history of canceling their own shows prematurely.

The flagship American version of the channel changed its name to "Syfy" in 2009, as part of efforts to offer more mainstream appeal to general audiences and women. "Syfy" is pronounced exactly the same as "Sci Fi,"; a moniker that is distinct from the genre's generic name so that it could be trademarked and more easily searched online. The name change was applied to some of the international versions of the channel, but others kept variations of the original name due to translation troubles with the new name, particularly in central and southern Europe.


Over the years, the channel has waxed and waned in Network Decay by showing either less actual science fiction or more of it. On one hand, the channel was notorious for littering its schedules with fantasies, action movies, crime dramas, reality shows and Professional Wrestling from the WWE. On the other hand, they were also the original American broadcaster of Doctor Who and a number of anime titles. Despite its change in programming, Syfy continues to air a wide range of science fiction films, television series reruns, and original shows.

In more modern times, the channel has profited from the resurgence of popularity in the genre and has steadily increased its commitment to speculative fiction programming. More significantly, Syfy celebrated its 25th anniversary on June 19, 2017 with a re-brand, including a new logo and the expansion of its Syfy Wire news division.


This network contains examples of:

  • Anime: The channel aired Japanese animation beginning in The Nineties, with notable shows and movies including El-Hazard: The Magnificent World, Appleseed, AKIRA (with the Streamline Pictures dub), Project A-ko, 8th Man After, and The New Adventures of Gigantor. Eventually, such programming was completely phased out in 2011 as the channel's Network Decay became more prevalent.
  • Armies Are Evil: All "Syfy Original Movies" set in anything even close to the modern era will feature the American military in an antagonistic role, no matter how much shoehorning is necessary to do so.
  • Bite the Wax Tadpole: The reason why the Polish channel kept the original name. Nobody wants to watch a channel called "syphilis."
    • Specifically, "syf" approximately translates to "filth/dirt", and is used as slang for syphilis. The additional 'y' at the end is the correct construction to make the "syf" word plural. Reasonable translations from Polish to English for "syfy" would include "filthy things" and "syphilitics". The plural word, "syfy", is most commonly used as a slang for "pimples."
    • In the US, most of the former fans of the network pronounced the new name "Siffy", a slang/shortened term for a syphilitic.
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set: In the months prior to the network's launch in 1992, the C-Band satellite feed (and some cable providers who picked up the channel early) had all this sci-fi-ish stuff- apparently, some people thought they had hallucinated this stuff and other people thought it was a Satanic message!
  • Marathon Running: Back in its early days, and even today, the channel has aired movie marathons. Godzilla movies, Ray Harryhausen movies, and Fantasy-themed and Horror-themed movies are just a few examples.
  • Network Decay: Currently considered to be in "Slipped" status as a result of a new batch of sci-fi shows.
  • Threatening Shark: They've shown various shark movies ever since the channel's early days, but Sharknado becoming an unexpected smash hit resulted in a massive surge in both shark movie marathons and the commissioning of new shark movies.

Syfy-produced original films vary greatly in quality, from fan favourites like the Firestarter films and adaptations of lesser known comic books like Painkiller Jane to the more C grade disaster movies and Attack of the Killer Whatever movies. The channel funds many film developments - directors and producers go to Syfy for itmoo their development surprisingly profitable. See Syfy Channel Original Movie for more information.

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