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SsethTzeentach is a Youtube content creator who has been active since early 2012. Although he started his career with posting LeagueOfLegends videos, he deviated from this niche by making his Might and Magic VI review in 2014. Meme-laden reviews of games has since become his main videos on his channel, although many of said games that he reviews are enjoyed by him to the point that he is willing to passionately recommend them to his viewers and goes as far as to give installation advice and his personal game keys. In his early 2019 review of Dwarf Fortress, he declared that he had left his medical job so that he could work full time on his Youtube channel.


The humor in his videos has frequently been described as something originating from 4Chan, having made jokes and satirical potshots against most groups of people in the world. He has called himself a Manchild on several occasions and many of his videos have crossed the line at least twice. Indeed, many of his early videos are crammed with so many cropped and edited NSFW images, freeze frames, and memes straight from /V/ that it's not unexpected for multiple viewings to be needed in order to spot all of the jokes and references.

Some of his reviews such as Kenshi, Space Station 13, and Starsector have brought large amounts of new players flocking towards their forums and games, and has gotten to the point where some of the developers have explicitly acknowledged him.



  • Digital Avatar: Both he and his fanbase portray him as a Ugandan Warlord, the picture being taken from an Al Jazeera article about soldiers serving the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • The Faceless: The most we see of Sseth are his hands while recording himself walking around his flat.
  • Greedy Jew: Parodied in his Patreon account, he named his Patrons on the site as the 'Merchants' Guild' and has links on his videos where fans can 'give him shekels' (donate). When his Morrowind review got copyright striked, he revealed that he is a German Ashkenazi Jew.
  • Game-Breaker: Encourages such tactics to be invoked in any RPG that has them.
    "The custom spellmaking in particular can be abused to make some disgusting spells, such as the ability to camouflage yourself perfectly 100% for 1 millisecond and steal something right in front of the merchant but just because they couldn't see you physically taking the object, they can't estabilish causality."
    Sseth on his morrowind review
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  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Sseth has been using this trope more as of his recent videos such as his reviews on Guardian of Ember and Starsector.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Used frequently in his videos alongside crossing the line twice, but a particularly noteworthy example that was played for laughs was in his God Hand review. After stating that you could emulate the game on PC since you couldn't buy it from the developers anymore as they had gone on to form Platinum Games, he spoke as a viewer inquiring whether he pirated the game or not. He then proceeded to dodge the question by announcing that funded over $1,000 worth of God Hand Rule 34 using his sponsorship money.
  • Running Gag: After years of making videos, he's bound to have at least a few.
    • There is running gag in fandom that SsethTzeentach is Split Personality of Mandalore.
    • Him reviewing games that feature drug smuggling and organ harvesting are more than a little common, having shown how practicing 'non-consensual organ arbitrage' is very profitable in Rimworld and how transporting hashish to the United Cities is a great way to earn fat stacks of cats in Kenshi. His Starsector review featured him heavily using both illegal trades and provided a crossover third example.
    • Using the trademark symbol (™) in his video titles, can be seen in several of his newer reviews; examples include his Morrowind review (A Moon-Sugar Fortified Experience™), his STALKER review (Soviet Survival Simulator™), his Deus Ex review (Stop Globalists™ | Tase Children™), and his God Hand review (Beat Thugs™ | Demons™ | Women™).
    • Sseth pronouncing words with 'th' as 'f'. Examples are him saying 'firty' instead of thirty, and 'eefur wind' instead of ether wind.
  • Scanlation: Once did a comedic reading of a pornographic Dōjinshi translated into stereotypically australian english.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: If Sseth covers a game that allows for some kind of atrocity to be committed, you can bet he will commit it while showcasing the game.


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