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Sophia Lillis (born February 13, 2002 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City) is an American actress.

Her breakthrough happened with the role of teen Beverly Marsh in the 2017-2019 film adaptation of the seminal Stephen King horror novel It, followed by such roles as Syd Novak in Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This and Nancy Drew.

No relation to Rachael Lillis.



Live-Action Television:

Music Videos:

  • Sia's "Santa's Coming for Us" (2017) as one of the children

Tropes features in her works:

  • Bifauxnen: Sometimes, but especially in this Magic: The Gathering Arena tráiler
  • Boyish Short Hair: She mostly opts to keep her hair in a pixie cut, and had to wear extensions for some scenes in It. Though more recently, it's now grown to her shoulders.
  • Cool Big Sis: How her It cast mates view her.
  • I Work Alone: Not intentionally. She says that in a lot of her first projects she acted alone. She even said that the scenes that scared her the most in IT were the ones when the Losers were all together.
  • One of the Boys: She often portrays tomboys, who have mostly male friends.
  • Scully Box: She admitted to using one for It. She also wore slight heels (her boots were flat in the first one) in It Chapter Two, since her cast mates now tower over her.
  • Teens Are Short: She's only 5 feet tall after all.
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  • Those Two Actors: She and Wyatt Oleff appeared in both It films, and I Am Not Okay With This.
  • Time-Shifted Actor: She has appeared as a younger version of an adult character on two occasions, the It duology (with Jessica Chastain as her adult self) and Sharp Objects (with Amy Adams as her adult self). Interestingly, it's Sophia herself who selected Jessica Chastain as adult Beverly in It: Chapter Two, and she ended up being cast.
  • Tomboy: Both Beverly Marsh from It and Nancy Drew are outdoorsy misfits who don't dress or behave "girly", though they have various shades of Tomboy with a Girly Streak.
  • Youthful Freckles: She's a redhead with freckles, and a good portion of her roles look accordingly.


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