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Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment) are the ones who make the PlayStation. It was founded by Sony in 1993 and went through several changes and renames over the years, with its recent rename being 2016. Its most notable division is Sony Worldwide Studios, an umbrella company watching over Sony's various development studios.

Beginning 2006, they have had a...lower reputation than their parent company. Notably, their stock was downgraded to "junk status" during the Seventh Generation, but with the PlayStation 4's overwhelming popularity, they appear to be the first company to turn that status around, and its notable for the fact that it has continuously made a profit among some of Sony's even less reputable branches.


Sony video game consoles:

Home consoles

Handheld consoles

SIE Worldwide Studios (divisions and subsidiaries):

Active studios

Defunct studios

  • 989 Studios (founded in 1995; shut down in 2005)
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  • Bigbig Studios (acquired in 2007; shut down in 2012)
  • Contrail (founded in 1997; absorbed into Sony in 2000)
  • Evolution Studios (acquired in 2007; shut down in 2016)
  • Guerrilla Cambridge (formerly known as SCE Cambridge Studio, founded in 1997 and restructured in 2010; shut down in 2017)
  • Incognito Entertainment (acquired in 2002; shut down in 2009)
  • Manchester Studio (founded in 2015; shut down in 2020)
  • Sony Online Entertainment (founded in 1995; sold off in 2015)
  • Studio Liverpool (acquired in 1993; shut down in 2012)
  • Zipper Interactive (acquired in 2006; shut down in 2012)

Other subsidiaries

  • Audiokinetic (audio development software company, acquired in 2019)
  • ForwardWorks (mobile-focused development studio; founded in 2016)
  • Gaikai (streaming-based software company, acquired in 2012)
  • PlayStation Productions (SIE's very own film production studio, formed in 2016 and officially founded in 2019)
  • SN Systems (development tools company, acquired in 2005)

Video games developed and/or published by SIE:

Alternative Title(s): Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Imagesoft, Nine Eight Nine Studios, Bigbig Studios, Evolution Studios, Incognito Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, SIE San Mateo Studio


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