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Song Kang-ho (b. January 17, 1967 in Busan, South Korea) is a versatile and prolific South Korean actor. He's notably played the leading man in some of the most celebrated and recognized movies in South Korea, and is one of the highest-profile actors in the ROK film industry.

Originally a theater actor, he took a small role in the film "The Day a Pig Fell in the Well'' and found that three days of work on a movie paid better than three months on a play. This made him reconsider his career path and he made shift that would turn out to be historic.

He soon found recognition by getting cast in Shiri, Korea's first true domestic blockbuster, and two Park Chan-wook films, JSA: Joint Security Area and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. He quickly rose to even greater fame by starring in Bong Joon-ho's Memories of Murder and becoming part of Bong's Production Posse.

He's now recognised as one of the greatest actors in Korea and his filmography is filled with projects that have gained global acclaim and/or set domestic box-office records, such as Parasite (2019), the first ever South Korean movie to win any Oscar awards, including Best Picture.

He never had any formal training, only in social theatre groups.

Selected filmography

South Korean (domestic)

International, including American

  • Madagascar (2005) - Alex (Korean dub, theatrical version)
  • The Interview (2014) - DMZ soldier watching the interview (Uncredited cameo)