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Smoking Bottle Entertainment is an independent film studio founded by Adam W. Griswold in 2011 just outside of Boston. Over the years, they have produced numerous short and feature films that span various genres, but usually tend to have a comedic tone. Smoking Bottle films typically have very low budgets, but also to have a degree of self-awareness and the overall quality has gone up over the years. Griswold writes, directs, produces, and usually stars in each of the films, alongside a large roster of recurring actors.

Short films and earlier productions can be viewed on the Smoking Bottle Entertainment YouTube channel, and the two Space People feature films are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Smoking Bottle Entertainment films include:

  • The Dolchemock Tapes (2012) - A found-footage short film about four people lost in the woods
  • Murder By Upload (2012) - A noir-ish murder mystery short about web video creators
  • The Cartoon Man (2012) - A trilogy about a man who transforms into a wacky cartoon character. Mixes live action with some simplistic 2-D animation.
    • Return of the Cartoon Man (2013)
    • Journey of the Cartoon Man (2013)
  • Suburban Spies (2014) - Web series about two undercover agents investigating a succession of colorful characters
  • Revenge of the Animals (2015) - Comedy thriller feature film about a group of friends being hunted by crazed activists in creepy animal masks
  • Space People (2016) - A pair of science fiction comedy feature films about a humanoid alien spaceship crew that comes into contact with Earth. Full of knowingly cheesy costumes, sets, and special effects.
    • Space People 2 (2017)
  • Lights Camera Terror! (2019) - Horror comedy short film about a film crew shooting in an actual haunted house
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  • Quirewood! The Musical (2019) - Musical feature film co-produced with Borderline Productions, RivenHart Designs and Autumn Moon Music. Deals with patients struggling in an abusive mental hospital and is notably more dramatic than the other Smoking Bottle films, though it still features a number of comedic musical fantasy sequences.
  • Apocalypse Party (2020) - Comedy short film about a party on the night an asteroid is expected to collide with the Earth