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Skeet Ulrich (born Bryan Ray Trout, January 20, 1970 in Lynchburg, Virginia) is an American actor best known for Scream, The Craft and Riverdale.

He was married to actress Georgina Cates and Amelia Jackson-Gray and he has two children with Cates.




This actor provides examples of:

  • Creator Backlash: Following his announcement in 2020 that he was leaving Riverdale, when asked on the matter, Ulrich replied that he "got bored creatively." invoked
  • The Danza: Sort of in FreeRayshawn; his character is Sergeant Trout, Trout being his real surname.
  • Pretty Boy: In the 90's and early 2000's, he was absolutely this. Now, he's more on the other side.
  • Silver Fox: His hair has been going grey in middle age but he's still very handsome, a fact many Riverdale fans are quick to point out and appreciate.
  • Stage Names: His real name is Bryan Ray Trout.
  • Those Two Actors: With Neve Campbell; they've co-starred in the Scream franchise and in The Craft. invoked