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Shizuka Hasegawa is a fairly young seiyuu (born September 16, 1988) and is probably best known for her role as Yutaka Kobayakawa. She also played the role of Misora Kasuga in the Live-Action TV version of Negima! Magister Negi Magi. Her voice range is occasionally comparable to that of Kimiko Koyama's.

Considered by many to be a real life Woobie, and with good reason. She was forced to close down her blog after some jerk fan made some nasty comments. The poor girl must have wondered what her public image was. Then at the Lucky☆Star Live Budokan event, when she saw that the crowd really did love her, she broke down in tears during her performance of Yutaka's Image Song. Yeah, lots of people want to give her a hug.


Notable Roles: