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Shinichi Yamada is a Japanese voice performer affiliated with Aoni Production whose forte is non-anime narration.

Basically, a narrator for Japanese television programs that are not anime nor gaming related.

His anime and gaming voice-over cases are scarce, and is limited to Mooks, and bit characters. And yet, the works that he plays bit parts of are quite popular. Yamada's accomplishment for voicing the entire Mecha line of The Dragon Brothers from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar is pretty much the One-Hit Wonder on his anime performance resume.


However, Yamada is more infamous for his private Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon association with high-profile voice actors and actresses over anything else. Helping mass tweet, and retweet all of his awesome friends' various promotions via Twitter.

Yamada was chiefly, being voice training classmates with Megumi Ogata, Daisuke Sakaguchi, and the late Shiho Niiyama, adding to his GaoGaiGar association, makes him private pals with Kurama and Hiei. Now how cool is that?


We present to you his one-hit wonders:

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