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Yes. I have an editor now. Yes, the people at The Escapist are nice and we get on just fine. No I can’t get you Yahtzee’s autograph. Shut up.
Shamus Young

Novelist, humorist, software engineer and general Jack-of-All-Trades (at least all the nerdy ones). Writer of the webcomics DM of the Rings, Chainmail Bikini and Stolen Pixels and the game opinion column Experienced Points. Ex-member of the Let's Play group Spoiler Warning. Has a regularly updated blog and a YouTube channel. Outside of his Speculative Fiction writings (such as The Witch Watch and Free Radical) his works usually vary between edutainment, reviews, insightful analysis of video games (and several other media) and the demonstrations of his own adventures in graphics programming and game design.


Known to have definite political opinions and maybe even a religious belief or two, but doesn't blog about them, ever. Also known for detesting DRM and Digital Piracy in equal amounts and frequently writing about both topics and the interconnections between them. Sometimes seen as an authority on the subject of Procedural Generation, though he's first to declare that this isn't because he's doing something exceptional with it, just that that aren't many people in the field. Though he does manage rather cool things like "Pixel City", a dynamically generated night-time city and "Frontier", a procedurally generated world larger than World of Warcraft, with differing climates and topographies.

His personal website/blog, Twenty Sided, which also features articles by other contributes, can be found here.