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Seth Rilea is an American born web artist and writer. He's not well known in Real Life, but this doesn't deter him from creating new works of fiction and imagery.

His abilities artistically leave much room for improvement, and he seems to have gotten caught in a specific style of drawing that favors feminine figures. His artistic Forte seems to be in the form of landscapes, even though human-like figures number to most of his drawings.


His writing, on the other hand, is much more developed. While he still falls for some pit-traps of writing, he does try to edit his works cautiously. Most of his works at the time of writing are catered towards a specific audience, which others may find a [[Understatement little]] odd.

Currently he is working with Zerras to recreate the Eldari Saga games.

Seth has accounts at DeviantArt and Eka's Portal. These aren't his only outlets though, as he visits other places with varied frequency. He also maintains the code for Zodiac Fun Times.


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