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Sergio Di Zio (September 20, 1972) is a Canadian actor of Italian descent.

While his roles in Canadian film and television are extensive, Sergio Di Zio is best known for appearing in CTV's hit police show Flashpoint, where he plays the team's jokey and optimistic technical analyst "Spike" Scarlatti (who shares his Italian ancestry). He's also well known for appearing in Scott Frank's 2007 American crime film The Lookout as the goofy, donut-loving sheriff's deputy Ted.

Sergio Di Zio is also a recurring name in voice acting for Canadian cartoons. In this area, his most notable roles are probably the wacky inventor and keyboardist Kin Kujira on Fresh TV's Grojband in 2013 and the self-centered talking seabird Puffin on Nelvana's Wishfart in 2018.




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