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Scott Meyer is an American comedian, artist, and author. He is largely known for his now-concluded web-comic Basic Instructions, although he has since moved on to writing humorous full-length novels. Naturally, all the novels feature a healthy dose of humor. He is married to Missy Meyer, who is an author and cartoonist in her own right.

Here is the list of Meyer's published novels to date:

  • The Authorities:
    • The titular first book is the author's first non-scifi novel. A Police Procedural set in Seattle, where a young but bright cop finds himself a member of a group of private investigators, who use cutting-edge science and equipment to solve crimes that baffle the police.
    • Destructive Reasoning has the team trying to catch a serial killer (sorta) in Los Angeles.
  • Brute Force: A peaceful organization of alien civilizations is under threat. In desperation, they recruit the aid of the most violent species they know - humanity.
  • Grand Theft Astro: Brangelina Baird is a Classy Cat-Burglar living in the Colonized Solar System in the distant future. She's recruited by a clandestine agency known as the Toolbox for a job that ends up going south. Baird has a week left to live and has to go on a series of dangerous missions in order to find a cure for her condition.
  • Magic 2.0: A series that poses the question of What If? reality as we know it was nothing more than a complex computer program and that, by finding this out, people gained the ability to make changes to it that would appear like magic to anyone else?
    • Off to Be the Wizard: A hacker named Martin discovers a file on the Internet that allows him to modify reality by simply making changes to said file in a text editor. Pretty soon he is forced to flee into the past and ends up in Medieval England, hoping to use his abilities to be a wizard. There, he discovers that he is hardly the first to discover the file and use it.
    • Spell or High Water: Martin and his friend/mentor Philip travel to Atlantis for a meeting of time travelers from all of space-time.
    • An Unwelcome Quest: Several wizards are kidnapped by a former exile and forced to participate in a deadly computer game, while their friends are trying to rescue them.
    • Fight and Flight: After the previous novel's kidnapping, the wizards decide they need to practice their combat skills in order to be able to stand up any other future threat. Unfortunately, someone screws up, and suddenly there are dragons all over Britain.
    • Out of Spite, Out of Mind: An older version of Phillip's girlfriend is "frizzing out" due to her Stable Time Loop no longer being a certainty. Since Phillip's girlfriend isn't a huge fan of her overbearing future self, Phillip is forced to help her future self in secret. Meanwhile, Martin accidentally proposes to his own girlfriend, resulting in tension between them.
    • The Vexed Generation: When Martin and Gwen are frozen by unknown attackers, it's up to their children Mattie and Brewster to learn of the world of magic and find the culprits.
  • Master of Formalities: A Feudal Future setting, in which planets are ruled by noble houses, with titular characters being tasked with advising the rulers on the proper forms of behavior, accepted within the galactic community. The novel focuses on members of House Jakabitus, rulers of the planet Apios, and their palace staff, as well as their interactions with visitors from other planets with radically different cultures and values.
  • Run Program: A still-learning AI escapes into the Internet and starts wreaking havoc. Now the NSA is on the AI's track, and a cyber-terrorist wants to destroy it. It all comes down to the person tasked to "babysit" the AI.