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Sanity Requiem, real name Kaleigh Amanda, was born May 24th, 1999, and is currently twenty-one years old. She is a fanfiction writer that also does things like video editing, acting, and photography. Currently, she lives in Citrus Heights, California, and is going to college to become a full-time actor.

Her works in alphabetical order

  • The Despair In Our Stars, main writer
  • Forest Of Despair, main writer
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  • For Whom the Rabbits Mourn, main writer
  • Murder on the Despair Express, main writer

Tropes applying to Sanity Requiem's works:

  • Asexuality: Kaleigh has revealed multiple times that she is asexual, along with some of her characters.
  • Fanverse: Created the Committee Saga one for the Danganronpa fandom.
  • Meaningful Name: Why she gives characters these types of names is because her name is like this. Kaleigh means slender and fair, while Amanda means deserves to be loved.
    • Also her nickname, Requiem, is meaningful as well. Because her writing is revealed to be a requiem of sorts due to her Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Pen Name: What Requiem is. Kaleigh is open about her real name but prefers Requiem.
  • Trolling Creator: Kaleigh really, really likes messing with people, especially her own audience. This is actually fading with age though as she used to be a much bigger one in her childhood.
  • Woman of a Thousand Voices: She can create a separate unique voice for all of her characters. Every single one. Considering her Loads and Loads of Characters, that's a lot.
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  • World Building: Is shown to do this a lot with her Committee Saga universe. The world is very interesting and fun to write about.


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