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SAMG is a South Korea-based CGI animation studio established on July 26, 2000. They mainly focus on their own domestic television series (like Miniforce), though they also give a hand to some non-domestic Western cartoons as well (such as being a key component in the production of Miraculous Ladybug, as well as being outsourced for some Season 1 episodes of Sonic Boom).

The company's official YouTube channel is here.

Do not confuse for the troper of the same name.

SAMG's credits include:

  • Catch! Teenieping
  • Fish & Chips
  • Miniforce
  • Monkart
  • My Giant Friend
  • Sonic Boom (For SEGA and Technicolor; Season 1)List 
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  • Vroomiz
  • Watch Car
  • Collaborations with Zagtoon:

Tropes associated with their works include:

  • Merchandise-Driven: Almost if not all of their shows are intended to advertise a toyline.

Alternative Title(s): SAMG Animation