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"I'm Welsh to my core and I thank the Lord that I am Welsh. I don't care if I was born in England, I'm a Welsh woman through and through."

Ruth Madoc, born Margaret Ruth Llewellyn Baker, (16 April 1943 — 9 December 2022), was a Welsh actress best known for playing Gladys Pugh in Hi-de-Hi!.

After RADA, she worked on The Black and White Minstrel Show. She started to appear in films in the early '70s, such as Fiddler on the Roof and Under Milk Wood. She was married to fellow actor Philip Madoc from 1961 to 1981.

In The '80s, she played Gladys Pugh in Hi-de-Hi! from '80 to '88, was nominated for a BAFTA in '85, and appeared on This Is Your Life in '84. She appeared as Daffyd Thomas' mum in the second series of Little Britain.

In 1994, she occasionally hosted Spanish Archer when Rhodri Williams was unavailable. She returned to sitcom in 2009 when she starred in the wildly unpopular Big Top.

She died at the age of 79 after complications from a fall.

Works on TV Tropes she appeared in:

  • Hi-de-Hi!, 58 episodes (1980-88) — Gladys Pugh
  • Woof!, episode "Mixed Doubles" (1990) — Mrs. Morgan
  • Cluedo, episode "Scared to Death" (1992) — Miss Terry
  • Spanish Archer, unknown amount of episodes (1994) — El Bow
  • Oliver's Travels, episode "Land of My Fathers" (1995) — Mrs. Evans
  • Little Britain, 6 episodes (2004-05) — Mrs. Thomas
  • Big Top, 6 episodesshow list  (2009) — Georgie
  • Tinga Tinga Tales, episode "Why Whale Spouts" (2011) — Whale
  • Doctors, 2 episodes:
    • "Boiling Point" (2014) — Alice Swanson
    • "Feud" (2018) — Jean March
  • Benidorm, 1 episode (2015) — Rhiannon
  • CASUAL+Y, 2 episodes:
    • "Hopelessly Addicted" (2016) — Bev Whipsnade-Partridge
    • 1 episode (2019) — Millie Faulkner