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Robert Moran (AKA Rob, Bruce Willakers) is a somewhat popular Youtuber, animator, and Minecraft server owner.

Rob's works' central theme is fantasy roleplay, using many standard fantasy tropes combined with humor. They also feature characters based around Rob himself and his Youtube friends, including several members of the Mindcrack server, and share many elements of their lore.

Rob has always had a close relationship with other Youtubers, including several members of the Mindcrack server. In particular, he was close friends with Guude Boulder Fist. Rob and Guude worked together to create the PlayMindcrack server, and Rob moved Dwarves vs. Zombies and several server minigames from Bruce's Gym, his original server, to PlayMindcrack. Lords of Minecraft also got its start in PlayMindcrack. After Mojang released its new EULA regarding server monetizations, Rob and Guude had a falling out over how to run PlayMindcrack, resulting in Rob cutting off his friendship with Guude and moving his games from PlayMindcrack back to a standalone server called Buffalo Wizards. Despite this, Rob still maintains friendships with other Mindcrackers, and before PlayMindcrack shut down due to financial problems, he occasionally still played on PlayMindcrack. In a video of him playing a PlayMindcrack game, Rob remarked that he wished to see the server prosper despite his broken relationship with its creator.


Rob's works include:

  • Unforgotten Realms, an animated web video series
  • Unforgotten Realms Live, a web video series centered around scripted gameplay of a tabletop RPG
  • Dwarves vs. Zombies, a large-scale Minecraft roleplay/hack-and-slash game
  • Lords of Minecraft, a Minecraft roleplay/plot server
  • Coe's Quest, an animated web video series featuring Coestar, a Minecraft Youtuber

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