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Robert B. Parker (1932-2010) was an author; mostly mystery and Police Procedural, but there were a few Westerns, too. He also finished Raymond Chandler's last Philip Marlowe novel (and wrote another original one); after his death, the favor was returned, with several authors continuing some of his active series.

Works he produced, with their page:


Tropes Pertaining to the Author:

  • All-Star Cast: One of the narrators of the audiobook version of Nightmares & Dreamscapes (by Stephen King). Also, the TV shows and Films based on his books include Tom Selleck, Avery Brooks, Robert Urich...
  • Died During Production: Reportedly, he died while working on one of his books. Which one it was, and whether or not it was finished by another author, is unknown.
  • Boston: Where Parker lived, and where some of his books (if not most, such as for Spenser) are based.
  • The Film of the Book/The Show of the Books: Several of his books were turned into movies (e.g. Appaloosa), or into TV shows (Spenser: For Hire).
  • Food Porn: If one of Parker's characters can cook, then you will get a great description of what they prepare; otherwise you'll get what's almost an ad for the restaurant that they eat at.
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  • Outlived Its Creator: The Sunny Randall, Jesse Stone, and Spenser series are still being published; each one has one author assigned, for continuity.
  • Said Bookism: Almost a Signature Style for him.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Reportedly, he was like the detectives in his stories- never knowing what was coming next.


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