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Reginald Denny, born as Reginald Leigh Dugmore, (20 November 1891 – 16 June 1967) was an English actor who appeared in Hollywood films from The Pre-Code Era and The Golden Age of Hollywood.

These days, Denny isn't much remembered, mostly because when he came to Hollywood, he was often typecast as the Funny Foreigner, quirky British Comic Relief. Ironically, he was in a lot of films that are celebrated today as classics, but he was always in the supporting cast and overshadowed by legendary actors. This didn't stop Hollywood tabloids in the 1930s giving him a reputation of being a British hunk, however, once describing him as a tanned, handsomely-dimpled man that had the body of a Greek god with bulging muscles as strong as steel springs — a compliment that not even the most popular Hollywood men could boast about getting.


He was a sort of Renaissance Man throughout his life: not only did he act, but he was also once the best amateur boxer in the UK, sang as a teen in an opera company that toured India, and had a huge interest in planes, even purchasing a very successful plane company called Radioplane to create the first ever drones. Marilyn Monroe apparently worked at said company when she was discovered by Ronald Reagan's photographer, who brought her into fashion modelling.


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