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Regency Enterprises' current logo, with a theme you might be familiar with.
Regency Enterprises (commonly referred to as Regency onscreen) is an American entertainment company formed by Arnon Milchan. It was founded in 1991 as the successor to Regency International Pictures formerly known as Embassy International Pictures N.V.. Arnon Milchan rebranded Regency International Pictures and renamed it to Regency Enterprises. In addition to signing a distribution deal with Warner Bros., a subsidiary company New Regency Productions was also created. It is located on the TwentiethCenturyStudios lot. New Regency primarily produces movies, and has at least 100 movies to its credit. New Regency produced 2013's 12 Years a Slave, 2014's Birdman, and 2015's The Revenant, which earned the company two Academy Awards for Best Picture in a row, and three nominations.

In September 1997, Milchan signed a 15-year distribution pact with 20th Century Fox worldwide in all media outside of foreign TV rights, ending their previous association with Warner Bros. (1991–1999) Fox's parent company News Corporation (now 21st Century Fox) funneled $200 million in New Regency, in exchange for a 20 percent stake in the company. In 2011, Fox and New Regency extended the pact, to expire in 2022. It's unknown where will the deal expire since The Walt Disney Company bought out most of Fox in 2019 and Regency has a international television deal with Lionsgate.


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