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RSR, Randle Sim Racing

Randle Sim Racing or RSR, is a solo Sim Racing modding and gaming establishment by Dee Jay "Daveybird" Randle. They not only make a lot of Sim Racing mods, but also a bunch of characters, mainly Funny Animals who love racing, and plenty of games with them.

  • Art Evolution: The characters and vehicles in the RSR Universe are always going through this.
    • For Daveybird, his physique changed from boxy, to smoother, and his head from basic and boxy, to a more refined beak, to a moveable beak and head feather textures.
      • Not to mention, for about a month or two, Daveybird's head was blue, now known as "Blue Label Daveybird."
    • For Slimyscaly, this has happened lots of times. His eyes, skin texture, outfit, degree of Reptilian-ness, etc has been constantly changing.
      • Funny thing is, Slimyscaly's original name was Anonymouslizardman, because Dee Jay couldn't think of a better name for him back in the mid-2000s.

  • Ascended Fanboy: Dee Jay Randle went from playing racing games as a kid, to (poorly) modding them at the start of the 21st Century, to learning about modding them, to being a part of the online community that he dreamed of as a preteen and teen.

  • Easy-Mode Mockery: Daveybird just announced that starting in 2019, at least for his NASCAR Heat mods, there'll be a splitup, as the mods designed for Expert and Hardcore (in other words, real dirt racing) realism levels will, other than Daveybird himself, only have the real life drivers and possible fan entries; but the mods designed for Normal/Arcade mode (no garage feature, arcade-style asphalt-like handling) will have most or all real drivers, but have a focus on game, cartoon, canon, headcanon, RSR original, and Randle County characters like the ones who previously occupied some "field-filler" spots in the "Sim" mods. "Based on my newly acquired skills, I decided to populate the sim mods with only sim drivers, and the arcade mods with, arcade drivers," Daveybird squawked, "because for the latter, we don't need to worry about real handling considering the subjects, now about those four-geared Vindycars..."

  • Fantastic Racism: Daveybird has a strong dislike for wasps. Stemming back to a childhood incident where it was his fault.

  • Glass Cannon:

    • The Sprint Cars. They usually have the fastest speeds and lap times, yet are the hardest to control and easiest to wreck, like in real life.

    • Daveybird, especially in Smash Bros Brawl and 4, where he's over Captain Falcon, but has lower size and weight.
    • Dee Jay himself. He says that even though he can say piercing words, even the slightest critique or insult can set him off.

  • Large Ham: Daveybird often hams it up when voice acting, even if it's in his loud, booming, silly monotone voice.
    • Here Comes the Heeeeeeat!! in Smash Bros
    • In fact, he wanted Daveybird to sound that cheesy, because he wanted to make it sound like his natural voice!!
    • Using his voice for the announcer for some of his games and mods
    • Even being the race announcer for some of his sim racing mods, formerly as Mik Byrd.

  • Leotard of Power: Lizzie, Slimyscaly's girlfriend since 2005, has worn one since mid-2006, replacing her initial black Underwear of Power and magenta tanktop, which has the internally famous "I (heart) herps" slogan. Herp means Reptile.
    • Her Leotard of Power design has changed over the years, usually, it is a bathing suit-style leotard, with the arms exposed like a tanktop, but sometimes changes in the design, usually either showing the midriff or bellybutton, being a sling leotard and showing her entire left and right sides, or both. Yet another example of an Art Shift by RSR.

  • Noble Bird of Prey: Greg Hawkston, Falconn, even Daveybird, who is like Falco in that while his head feather pattern is non bird of prey (in this case, a Cardinal), his head shape and beak is like a bird of prey. Hawkton Bryant is a Phalcon like Falco.

  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: Definitely averted. Dee Jay loves the reptilian hero. Because he sees Bowser as cute, and as a "mild, comical villain who is not that bad, more confused."
    • But then again, in early RSR canon, Slimyscaly used to work for Bowser.

  • Shout-Out: Randle's works are full of them.
    • For Sim Racing, his cars are usually either heavily-modified cars from Ratbag's games Dirt Track Racing 2 and Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars, or from the old NASCAR Heat modding group, DRT, which put their mods in the public domain when they retired from sim racing. Randle does this because he wants to pass on Ratbag and DRT's torch. And drivers ranging from popular drivers, to local Indiana drivers, to himself, fictional characters who he created from the past to the present, and even video game characters. Try Sonic or Bowser in a Dirt Late Model!!
      • And most of Sonic the Hedgehog's current cars are fittingly based on the Hornet Car from Daytona USA AND are sponsored by Sonic Drive-In.
      • And the amount of references on Sonic's car just keep increasing. In light of Sprint Car driver Jason Johnson's death in 2018, Sonic changed the font of his #41 car to match Jason's, in memory of a fellow 41.
    • For characters, there are things like:
      • Slimyscaly takes inspiration from Bowser, Aeon, Spyro, Gex, and countless other reptilians who he likes.
      • Daveybird's head shape comes from Falco, his body is lightly based on Randle's own real self, his main outfit is based on one of Slimyscaly's old outfits, and the fact that he's a Cardinal is a tribute to his home state of Indiana.
      • Phil Largetail is based on Megaman X4's Cyber Peacock.
      • And, of course, Falconn Smith is Randle's short-run, Star Fox leg amputation theory rage-inspired, Falco Lombardi parody.

  • Shows Damage: Obviously, RSR mods racing games, so there's visible damage to the cars. But also to the drivers sometimes. In most of RSR's Heat and rFactor Go Kart mods, the game and movie character drivers tend to lose parts of their equipment when hit hard, like:
  • Fox and Falco's boots
    • Falco's headset
  • Bowser and the Koopalings' shells
  • Wendy's bow, necklace and bracelets
  • Daveybird and Slimyscaly's shorts legs rip
  • Krystal's armor and loincloth (Star Fox Adventures version)
  • Most of their tails
  • And it's funnier in rFactor than NASCAR Heat. Because in rFactor, the objects come off and get kicked around, tumbling all over the track.
    • Randle has even done this to rider models in his rFactor Motorcycle mods!!
    • In rFactor, Wendy can barely finish a race without leaving the track looking like Macy's!!

  • Take That!:
    • A lot of RSR's recent characters and works are obvious jabs at Nintendo. Mainly their fans, their Western fans, and how they treat it.
    • Circle City Speedway, a fictional 1 mile Dirt Oval Speedway in Indianapolis, IN. Made as a response to the recent closure of Indiana State Fairgrounds' Dirt Track to auto racing in favor of horse racing. Circle City is a modern, state-of-the-art facility tailor made for auto racing.

  • Underwear of Power: Pretty much all of Randle's major characters have worn this at some point, either as main attire or a variant of their legwear, characters like:
    • Slimyscaly
    • Daveybird
    • Lizzie
    • Davey J Yoshi
    • Draco Caliente
    • Falconn
    • Phil Largetail
    • Most other birds he makes
    • Same with the reptiles
      • Halie Stevens, one of RSR's few Token Humans wears them along with her tanktop, flip flops, and blue skirt that barely covers it.