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Roberta Ann MacAvoy (born December 13, 1949) is an American SF writer.

Her novels include:

  • Tea with the Black Dragon (1983): Martha Macnamara arrives in San Francisco to visit her computer programmer daughter Elizabeth, only to find that Elizabeth has disappeared. She investigates, with the assistance of her new friend Mayland Long, an enigmatic Chinese gentleman who has made his home in the hotel where she's staying. Then Martha disappears too...
    • Has a sequel, Twisting the Rope (1986).
  • Damiano (1983), Damiano's Lute (1983), and Raphael (1984): A trio of historical fantasies with a Renaissance Italy setting.
  • The Book of Kells (1985): A modern artist is mysteriously transported to 10th-century Ireland.
  • The Grey Horse (1987): When Henry Raftery, horse-trainer of Connemara, brings home a grey stallion he met wandering the hills, he finds he has let himself in for much that he did not expect.

R. A. MacAvoy's works with their own pages include:

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