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An independent developer team making PS1-style Survival Horror games in the vein of retro slasher films. Makers of Babysitter Bloodbath, Power Drill Massacre, Night Ripper, and Stay Out Of The House.

Their Patreon page.

List of games:


Puppet Combo games typically contain the following tropes:

  • B-Movie: Their games emulate 80s-era slasher and grindhouse films. In fact almost all of them have a VHS Filter.
  • Crapsack World: The settings of their games are so seedy that one wouldn't be faulted for feeling like they need a shower after playing. Night Ripper is set in a desolate New York City terrorized by a Serial Killer, and Buzz-Saw Blood-House'' takes place in a world with Dark Web sites where perverts pay to watch kidnapped teenagers be hunted down by a chainsaw-wielding maniac.
  • Downer Ending: Almost all of their games end with this: In Power Drill Massacre the heroine is either captured and murdered with the titular power drill or is last seen trapped in an endless, supernatural hallway, after which it is revealed her stranded boyfriend starved to death waiting for help while she has not been found. In Night Ripper, the protagonist manages to escape the serial killer and get back to her apartment, only for the Night Ripper to break in and close in on her.
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  • Fanservice: Some of their games have this, such as Spiders, where the protagonist's wife has a black crop top and a pair of shorts on.
  • Retraux: Not only do their games emulate 80s-era slashers but also early PS 1-era games with their blocky and low-poly textures.
  • Serial Killer: The antagonists of all their games, ranging from escaped mental patients to manchild-like backwoods killers, and even a bloodthirsty alien Santa!
    • Interestingly enough, Feed Me Billy and Christmas Massacre are the only exceptions. Because you are the one playing the Serial Killer!


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