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Press TV is an English-language news channel operated by the state-run media organization of Iran. Although supposedly independent of the Iranian government, Press TV has become well-known as a propaganda outlet which spreads conspiracy theories about Iran's purported enemies, with an obsessive focus on Jews.

This network contains examples of:

  • Canada, Eh?: After Canada severed diplomatic relations with Iran in 2012, Press TV came out with a transparent smear campaign against the country. Some of its reports were simply wrong (like the false claim that indigenous Canadian families were being separated) and others were flat-out bizarre (a satanic conspiracy involving Serial Killer Robert Pickton, Vancouver police, and Canadian politicians).
  • Conspiracy Theorist: A lot of the coverage — and a lot of the resulting criticism against the channel — has to do with how, according to Press TV, the Jews are to blame for the Holocaust; the Jews trade organs and body parts; Jewish business networks caused the financial crisis; and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an accurate summary of how the Jews control world events. The list goes on.
    • They also book a lot of Holocaust deniers as regular guests, which only adds to the perceptions that it is an anti-Semitic network.
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  • Propaganda Machine: It's run by Tehran, so yeah.


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