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Go To, AKA PocketWatch, Inc., is a company that owns a network of successful children's YouTube channelsnote  and seeks to commercialize and form media franchises and The Merch on them.

The company was founded in 2016 by Chris Williams (chief audience officer of former Maker Studios) and Albie Hecht (former president of Nickelodeon as a response to the rise of such channels and a lack of a network for them, as the result of Maker Studios being bought by Disney and having most of their channels kicked out, including the kids' ones. boasts many professionals working for them, owns some of the most popular children's channels, such as Ryan ToysReview, and has partnered with star companies to create and distribute products related to their channels.

Advertisement: also has an original channel called Challenge Squad (formerly Challenge Squad), which feature two women, Jetta and Brandi, participating in various household challenges.

In July 2018, Viacom invested 15 million dollars into as support for more family-friendly media.

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