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Peter Skrzynecki, crafter of extended metaphors and master of not belonging.
Peter Skrzynecki (born Peter Michael Skrzynecki) is an Australian poet of Polish and Ukrainian descent. Born in Germany during 1945, Skrzynecki and his family migrated to Australia to escape the war. He is prominent for Immigrant Chronicle, a compilation of poems that each emotively portray the life of a European migrant.

Immigrant Chronicle is also notorious amongst Australian Advanced English students, who, in order to complete their High School Certificate, are required to dissect and analyse the emotive poetry.

His works to date:

  • There, Behind the Lids (1970)
  • Headwaters (1972)
  • Immigrant Chronicle (1975)
  • The Aviary (1978)
  • The Polish Immigrant (1982)
  • Night Swim (1989)
  • Easter Sunday (1993)
  • Time's Revenge (2000)

Short Stories

  • The Wild Dogs (1987)
  • Rock 'n' Roll Heroes (1992)

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