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John Peter Gilmore, (25 August 1931 — 3 February 2013), was a British actor best known for his roles in the Carry On... Series and for playing Captain James Onedin The Onedin Line.

Despite being expelled from Parada in 1952, Gilmore started acting in films in the early '60s including The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery, Oh! What a Lovely War, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, and eleven Carry On films, wherein he often played villains such as Dancy in Carry On Cabby, Patch in Carry On Jack, Citizen Robespierre in Don't Lose Your Head, and King Francis in Carry On Henry.

From 1971 to 1980, he starred in The Onedin Line as ship chandler James Onedin, a role that would become Gilmore's longest-lasting. He later married his co-star, Anne Stallybrass; previously he had been married to Una Stubbs. Gilmore stopped acting after 1996.

He died at the age of 81.

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  • Ivanhoe, episode "Freelance" (1958) — Sir Waldo of Ivanhoe
  • The Onedin Line, 91 episodes:
    • 91 episodes (1971-80) — Captain James Onedin
    • "The Passenger" (1974) — Cousin Richard
  • The Persuaders!, episode "That's Me Over There" (1971) — Mather
  • Doctor Who, 4-episode story "Frontios" (1984) — Brazen
  • CASUAL+Y, episode "Profit and Loss" (1992) — Lionel
  • The Bill, episode "A Matter of Life and Death" (1993) — Peter Shaw
  • Heartbeat, episode "The Frighteners" (1993) — Raymond Walker