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Pénélope Jolicœur, from her real name Pénélope Bagieux, is a French female cartoonist and illustrator who has been a breakout success in her field.

It all began on her blog called Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante ("My life is absolutely fascinating"), where she did humorous drawings of her everyday life and woman's concerns. Distinctive features in her drawings include a blank background, white skin, no shading, uniform black lines, big eyes, small pointy noses and long thin necks.


She has released a few compilations of her cartoons, has began a separate comic book series called Joséphine (a fictional character inspired by her), has illustrated several self-help books for women, perfume ads, lingerie ads and even frozen food TV commercials in animated form.

Her blog can be visited here (it's in French, though).

Her works contain tropes such as:
  • All Women Love Shoes: Pénélope does love shoes, and she is not ashamed of it. At all.
  • Author Avatar: In her regular series and most of her illustrations, she draws herself.
  • Cute Kitten: She has a pet cat called Moomin, that gets squee reactions from other people.
  • Follow the Leader: Her style of cartooning has shown obvious "influence" on other female cartoonists. And that's without mentioning the amateur blogs...
  • Les Yay: In an episode, she communicates with fellow female cartoonist Laurel, whom she tells about having dreamt they dated. Pénélope then instantly pictures herself and Laurel having sex, getting married and adopting a kid.
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  • Proud to Be a Geek: She is also a geek. She embraces it. Her blog even shows her score on a "geek test" (she got 67%).
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: She has quite a phobia of flying in airplanes.


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