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Mr. Big Cartoons was an animation studio located in Australia. It featured some of the staff from Disney's Australian unit, such as Mike Chavez, Dwayne Labbe, Steven Taylor, and Murray Debus. As such, there are certain similarities between the two studio's work at times. The studio is closed, having folded into Southern Star in 1997.

Shows worked on by Mr. Big:


Tropes associated with Mr. Big:

  • Animation Bump: Had their moments in Ren and Stimpy. Unfortunately, they also had just as many Limited Animation moments to cancel things out.
  • Deranged Animation: Lots of moments in Ren and Stimpy.
  • Off-Model: Their Ren and Stimpy work was often like this. One example is in "Travelogue", Stimpy is briefly drawn with five fingers, or in "Aloha Hoek" when Ren is oddly drawn, resembling a large thumb with ears, a face and an arm.

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