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Mister P, sometimes written as Mr. P or by the full title: The Mysterious Mister P / Mr. P, is a retired author known solely in He began his work back in January 2008 and had officially announced his retirement on June 4, 2010. He is notable of being the first author to write an in-depth Fan Fic of a somewhat overlooked and lesser-known shipping from the Pokémon series, as well as its sequel, though the latter was discontinued upon retirement.


These two fics are known as From Servant to Stardom and Tale of Stardom respectively, collectively known as The Stardom Series. The signature Shipping is Abilityshipping, the romantic pairing between Ash Ketchum and Salon Maiden Anabel of the Battle Frontier, both based from the Pokémon anime versions. Canonically in the anime, it's one-sided on Anabel's part with Ash ignoring the cues and moving on.

The only other thing known about Mister P is that he appears to have a younger brother, who is now an active author on the site where he made himself known, appropriately going by the pen name of Younger P.

The following lists tropes associated with Mister P and/or his main stories.


Tropes that apply to From Servant to Stardom and Tale of Stardom:

  • Click here to go the Stardom Series trope page.

Tropes that apply to Mister P:

  • Aloof Big Brother: Inverted, according to Younger P.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: He signs the end of every chapter or story with Dimentio's "Ciao!" See Fandom below...
  • Creator Breakdown: Played with. Indicated by how dark Tale of Stardom became as it reached its last chapters before its discontinuance, it foreshadowed Mister P ultimately quitting and retiring from fanfiction and moving on with life.
  • Fandom: He derived his penname from Mr. L of Super Paper Mario, though claims that he developed his manner of eloquence and writing from Dimentio, another character from the same game. Also, in addition to the Pokémon franchise, he has also written for Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Bros..
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  • Symbolism: Mister P was huge into making various characters, places, and things mean something important, usually representing something ongoing in his life (ie: Ash the all-loving hero experiencing the other side of the spectrum, Anabel the empathetic action girl, Paul the power-obsessed rival, etc.)
  • The Perfectionist: Generally, especially when it came to developing his more well-known stories.