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Mike Randal Colter (born August 26, 1976) is an African-American actor from Columbia, South Carolina. He has a Masters in Fine Arts from Rutgers University.

One of Colter's early high-profile roles was Big Willie Little in Million Dollar Baby. He also played a recurring role as drug kingpin Lemond Bishop on the CBS Law Procedural The Good Wife during the 2010s. He also originated the role of ONI Special Agent (later SPARTAN-IV) Jameson Locke in the Halo franchise and plays Luke Cage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since 2019 he has also starred in CBS/Paramount+'s Evil (2019) as David Acosta.


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Interrogating Axl

Following a chemical terror attack against the independent human colony Sedra by Covenant Zealots, UNSC ONI Agent Jameson Locke walks on on Sedran Militia Colonel Randall Aiken beating up an alien smuggler to get him to talk (without success). After some trading of barbs between Aiken and Locke's team, Locke addresses the prisoner, Axl, in his own language and quickly starts getting him to open up... before casually mentioning he can always hand him back to Aiken if he doesn't keep talking. Axl spills everything he knows in a hurry.

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